Duratran Posters Duratrans Transparency Film can be used in any light box that illuminates the graphic from behind. Our backlit transparency media can be printed up to 1.3mtr in width with unlimited length in a single sheet. Duratrans Transparencies can be customized to fit your project’s needs, whether large or small. Our back-lit film is a premium, high-quality media intended for maximum image performance. The 8 mil, front-print, polyester transparency film has an ultra absorbent coating that is designed to produce the best black density and color vibrancy. The ink absorption capabilities for this transparency media offer a color-saturated visual experience that is absolutely vibrant.

Create a wall of memories with our ultra high quality printing solutions that convey the love and good times shared by the whole family.

Planning a special event? Why not communicate it through a work of art or a custom movie poster for that extra WOW effect.

Hosting a reunion? Use a caption like, “This event is produced by Johnny”, and add some memorable yearbook photos and senior quotes. It's a great way to break the ice and get people reconnected.

Sports events, celebrations of every kind, weddings and birthdays can exude some personality with our large format posters too. The possibilities are just endless. You can also print your original artwork and create your own home gallery with this reliable, high quality product!

Lightbox Duratran Posters

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