Does your company regularly hold events for their employees, clients and business partners? If you require event lanyards for your employees or as a free gift to your guests, then here at Abprint & Design we can provide a great range of lanyards perfect for a whole range of occasions. Whether you require lanyards for a professional event or for daily use for yourself, then we’ve got the best selection of lanyards for you.

Lanyards suitable for events: 

Our selection of lanyards have grown and continue to do so, simply because of customer demands being so high. You are able to select the right lanyard for you by colour and price to ensure you pick the right lanyard for your event. Lanyards are most known as a practical office solution, but we want them to grow and become popular again. Although they are in the professional environment, we want them to enter our everyday fashion. They're extremely useful for many practical uses, and because they're typically made from polyester with a clip attached, you can utilise its operation and durability in any way possible. They're perfect for carrying lightweight items and can be used to transport ordinary and regular use items like USB drives, cell phones,keys or the most popular ID/Nametags

When you are set to host an event and you require suitable event lanyards, look no further.....


Choose from 25 different colours to suit your brand or company event. (Printed)

Lanyard 20mm wide with saftey break & metal clip, approx length is 85cm 100% Woven Polyester with Safety Break Away Saftey break ensures the lanyard comes away from your neck if pulled.


55,00 €Price