Covid Comforts   "Family is Everything"

The covid-19 pandemic has upended our lives in so many ways. It's disrupted routines, driven people into isolation and challenged others to risk their lives for our safety. Social distancing — a necessary evil when it comes to keeping the pandemic contained, and is taking a toll. It's particularly harmful to our mental and emotional health.

Of course, this comes as no surprise to anyone with a social media feed, a Zoom account or even just a smartphone. We all know people who are overwhelmed, lonely or stressed out. We love these people. We miss these people. We can't reach out and hug these people. In unprecedented times like these, a little empathy — and a small token of our appreciation — can go a long way.

This why we at Abprint & Design have selected a few of our products you can personalise and have it sent directly to that very special loved one, a vulnerable or grieving person so close to you. Here is how to order-

  1. Click the product you want to buy

  2. Add the required quantity.

  3. Tell us if you would like to add a message included with your image (Add text here)

  4. Upload an image or images where it says add file (*Do this before clicking checkout!)

  5. Click Checkout

  6. Add the delivery address of whom you are sending it to!

  7. Pay and we do the rest...

  8. Simple